Building Your Business Through Referrals

I have known about referral marketing for quite a while now but have never really done much about it.

I once referred a good friend of mine that started up his own website company to join the referral group call Business Network International (aka BNI) which he did, and because he followed my advice he was able to build his business very quickly and become successful within a year of launching his biz.

But I never got involved.

A few years back I joined the Chamber of Commerce and went to a couple of meet ups that they hold each month, but I never really got anything from it. And I know why. And I’ll explain what my mistake was a little bit further in this post.

I let that membership run out.

Now, here in 2015, I am finding that other than the few people that find my business due to my advertising efforts with SEO marketing, Yellowpages, Craigslist ads and the like most people have no clue that my company even exists. And this is costing me business.

And it probably is costing you a lot of business too.

The solution is to get your name out there, mingle with other business leaders and owners so that they can help you with that. And how this is done is by joining referral networks like BNI or Caerusnet, or even local Chambers of Commerce. Join charities on non-profit organizations and volunteer for things that align with your passion.

Sponsor sports teams and holes at golf tournaments.

This can seem very daunting. And it can be very intimidating especially if you are not a “people person”, which is a notion that I find completely ridiculous if your a business leader or owner. My general manager is one of these “non-people people” and hates to go to network meetings and functions. Why? Because he feels uncomfortable. Meeting new people can be a challenge if you have personal esteem issues but to be in business and in a position of leadership you need to get over those issues with a quickness.

The reason I failed was not because I wasn’t a people person; I am. I love to mingle with people and get to know them. My problem was that I didn’t know how to build relationships with other businesses. I didn’t know how to use these network groups and functions so that they could work for me.

But here is the rub. There is this new company called Amazon. They sell a tremendous amounts of books and products, and some of those books that they sell are on the subject of Networking. Isn’t that amazing! There is also this organization that has been around for hundreds of years that actually lend you books for free to read; they are called Libraries.

Another great way to learn to build relationships within these network groups is by building relationships in those networking groups.

Here is a simple method you can use to build up friendship and relationships:

  1. Go up to someone and introduce yourself.
  2. Ask them who and what they do
  3. Be interested in the things they say.
  4. Find points of common interest like sports, movies, hobbies etc
  5. When you see them again, go and talk with them.

See how easy that was?

So, as you can see, going and being a part of one of these network groups can be very beneficial to building and establishing your business in the community.

Do this often, and eventually when some one needs your business the first person that they will think of is YOU!


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Why I Love Lansing, MI And You Should Love Your Town

Marketing is easy. truly it is. It takes a lot of work but all in all it is super easy to do.

One of things that you should do is know your town that you live and work in and be able to communicate it to your customers. You really should know where to go to get the best food, the best movie theaters, best malls and shops, the best places to hang out and have a good time at. And you should know this no matter the size of the town.

Why is this important. Because if you know where things are at and you love them then you will be more apt to speak passionately about improving and serving your customers in your town.

Right now as I write this the MSU Spartans are in the Sweet Sixteen NCAA basketball tournament. This is a big deal for Lansing, MI and the surrounding burgs. People are flooding the sports bars to watch the games. Churches are talking about it at Sunday sermons; there is a fever here.

But I also know where the best restaurants and bars are. I know where I can take a lady to go dancing or bowling. Or what have you.

The point being that I love Lansing. I love the people and I love the atmosphere. While it is not a large town the people are what make it special and because I love the people, my customers know that I love them and that is easily communicate in my marketing.

So If you want your marketing to be top notch them love your town.


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Using Online Moving Leads In Marketing

Keys to success when working with online moving leads

Excellence Center is committed to providing the highest quality moving leads for our clients. To achieve this goal, we has compiled a list of suggestions and ideas from clients who have had great success working with our leads:

  • One of the reasons people use the Internet is the speed of access to information — therefore, the response time to contact a lead is critical. Research shows that most consumers expect a response within 24 hours
  • Get the customer on the phone! Normally 3-5 contact attempts in the first 48 hours are necessary to contact the customer to set up an appointment and/or generate interest.
  • Immediately respond to the Internet lead with an introductory email with information on your company and anticipated contact. Try an automated response letter each time a lead is generated to touch base right away
  • Point out the value of your company’s services. Educate your potential customer on moving service pitfalls and why these pitfalls do not exist with your company.
  • Deliver on what you promised and get referrals and/or testimonials. Testimonials are very effective. Keep copies of letters from satisfied customers handy to provide to consumers. A mover is only as good as his reputation. Videos are best however. So provide videos on your site, or and prominent link to you video site like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Know your competition. Be able to answer the question – what makes you different from them? However, remember that consumers are cautious of companies that knock their competition. Be careful about criticizing other moving firms in an attempt to make yourself look better.
  • Be able to make the customer understand the 3 most important reasons to do business with you – Price, Value and Service. Many times it is difficult to achieve all 3 – it is important to have the customer feel they are getting the best Value and Service for the Price they are being charged.
  • Be aware of common consumer concerns – Are you licensed? Are you insured? Do you have complaints on file with the BBB? Are you a member of the AMSA or other local State Moving Association? Consumers may or may not ask these questions directly. Be sure to address these questions to remove the concern.
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Movers Lansing MI

Movers Lansing MI

Are you moving in the state of Michigan and looking for the top movers Lansing MI?

Are you moving from the Detroit area to Ann Arbor or the Detroit are to Grand Rapids or maybe even from the Detroit area to Lansing?

If you’re moving in Michigan, then you need movers in Michigan that can help make your move for you. Whether you need to move from an apartment to a new home or apartment or a home to an apartment or even if you need to move to or from a school dorm or move your small business in Michigan, we’re the reliable movers in Michigan that can make your move easy and simple as 1, 2. 3.

With many years of experience in moving families in and around Michigan, we’ve helped many just like you to move from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids, from Lansing to Detroit from all around places in Michigan to other cities in Michigan.  Long haul moves in Michigan or short moves in Michigan, from complete households to small businesses to apartments to dorm rooms.  With short notice or long notice, we handle each move in Michigan with complete professionalism, courtesy and politeness and respect for the things that we are moving.

Move in Michigan from the Detroit metro area to the Ann Arbor area or Grand Rapids or Lansing or longer haul moves to northern Michigan or places in the southern part of Michigan or to places in the eastern part of the state of Michigan, any size move from apartments to households to dorm rooms to small businesses, we do it all.  We do it reliably and make things for you easier than 1, 2, 3.

Request your low online price quote now for your move in Michigan from the professional movers that will move you with two men and one truck in Michigan at affordable realtor recommended rates and let us be the beacon of light in your move.  Why pay the high rates of van line movers in Michigan to move within Michigan to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids or Lansing when you can hire a professional moving company that will work to assure an easier move with less stress, a mover in Michigan that will make your short or long haul move easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Moving Company Damages

What to Do if Your Moving Company Damages Something

Moving can be a hassle on its own, but finding out that some of your belongings have been damaged is the last thing you want to hear. As the owner of the property, you’re entitled to reimbursement from the moving company. Here is what you need to know:

Review Contract

Before you sign the contract, review the fine-print details to make sure there isn’t a clause releasing the company from moving damages liability.

Inform the Movers

As soon as you spot damaged property, inform the movers. If they confirm an item has been broken, it will help expedite the claim process.

Document the Scene

Once you see that something is damaged, take photos. You want to have proof that your items have visual wear. It also helps if you have a time-stamped photo of your property before the move.

Call the Company

You need to call the moving company to file a claim. With some businesses you have up to nine months to do so, but it’s best to do things right away. You can also speak with the movers directly so they can give you insight into the process. Reputable dealers have insurance policies in place for instances such as these. Someone should contact you to file the necessary paperwork that will lead to reimbursement.

Filing a Complaint

If the moving company isn’t following proper procedure, you can contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. You should receive a response within two weeks.

Available for Inspection

It is likely that an agent from the moving company will want to inspect the item to ensure the damage is in line with your report. So you want to make it available to that individual, and this means not setting up the piece of furniture, in some cases.

Contact the American Moving and Storage Organization

This organization has an arbitration program that can handle the case between you and the moving company. The company is required to attend the hearing but it isn’t mandatory for you. As long as your loss is less than $10,000 the company must accept your request for an arbitration hearing.

Write a Review

You can be a help to the community and write a review about the moving company. Let others know of your experience so they can be informed before they choose movers.

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This is why I love postcards.

Sending out postcards is still an effective marketing strategy.

I was reluctant to use more traditional marketing tools such as postcards because I thought they were outdated and ineffective, but it was suggested by a fellow mover that postcards were useful in his own marketing campaigns.

I tried using them and failed miserably as I got a lot of returned postcards as undeliverable and it cost a lot of money.

But as luck would have it, I got a postcards in the mail about a company that sells leads to moving companies but his tool was postcards.

So I gave it a go, found out it was much cheaper using this company and they had a far better list than what I was using doing it on my own.

I set up a budget and started my campaign. And it resulted in leads and ultimately sales very quickly. And these moves that I booked because of the postcards were high paying moving jobs that more than paid for the postcard service.

So I became a believer.

Now I send out postcards every week. And I love it. I get calls constantly and book a lot of jobs because of this.

Now I am moving into the next phase which is to print my own postcards and send them out on my own.

Fortunately for me I have a friend from my Bible study group that is a professional printer and he has agreed to print all the postcards I need for FREE.

This cuts my cost down considerably which gives me more money to send double the amount of postcards which will increase my ROI.

And my total investment of the postcards themselves is $50 for the design that I got through

Here is the postcards that I had designed and sending out. Tell me what you think:

postcardlansing moving company postcard

As you can see they are professional and communicate exactly what I want. Now to test them to see if they will produce better or worse then what I am already sending out.

This is why I love postcards.

Try them, I think you’ll like them too.


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Lansing Movers Service Areas.

U-Save Moving and Storage are Mid-Michigan Movers that can do it all for cheaper than the other guys:

We also service the greater Lansing area like Grand Ledge, Diamondale, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Potterville, Dewitt, St. Johns, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, Holt, Portland, Ionia, Mason, Bath and all points in between.

So remember U-Save Moving and Storage when you are looking for the top budget movers in Lansing, MI

lansing movers

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A Simple But Effective Commercial

You can make a simple but highly effective commercial for any business that you have.

Just go to

Here is an example of U-Save Moving and Storage‘s commercial that they had produced for just $75.

…And it was done in only 3 days. Ya can’t beat that.


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Fitness and Supplements in Marketing

If there was one field that makes the most amount of money it would have to be the health field.

I mean look at all the related niches that are included in this field: Fitness, vitamins, drugs, ailments of all sorts, baldness, skin tags, premature ejaculation, and the list goes on and on and on and on ad infinitum.

I mean its just nauseating the large, medium, small and super small niches that the health field has.

And they are largely marketed to with vigor.

So can you market something in this field and still make money and get a good ROI (return on investment?)

Yeas and Yes.

My buddies over at Best Protein Bars Report are doing just that.

They found a niche that is largely untapped — believe it or not — and started tapping that well (…wow…that sounded really creepy.)

So if you want to know anything about the best protein bars or how to lose 20 pounds in 30 days then most likely you’ll find their site in the internet somewhere.

They have all the information that you will need to discover what is the best protein bar for you as well as the ability to buy them right there off their website. And here is the best part, they make a little bit of money every time that you do that. How sweet is that?

To go back to the home page just click here.


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Marketing The Bible

Can marketing the Bible, Or Jesus and God be a lucrative and productive endeavor?

Well one company thinks so.

They have taken their love of Jesus and their faith and turned into a company that markets the Word and at the same times spreads the message of God to everyone that wishes to hear it.

Now some may say that this is selling out. I don’t know, that is for you to judge. Who am I to say.

Be we have the folks behind the successful Apostle Paul website that are wishing to share their story with you all.

They started this little website at first to only tell people about the ministry and testimony of Paul the Apostle but soon realized that they can earn a little money to help pay for all the effort if they just put adsense ads on it.

While they didn’t get rich doing this they did make enough money to pay the expenses of running the website.

Then they went on to make the Best Bible Translation site.

What they did with this site was to create a lot of useful and informative articles as well as make a comprehensive Bible review guide ever.

They also wanted to let you know how you can study the Bible by creating a page that would let you know about the Best Study Bibles out there.

Again, they are not getting rich but this gives you a great example of how you market almost anything that you want.


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More To Marketing Than Pretty Pictures

There is a lot more to marketing a moving company, or any company for that matter, than a bunch of pretty pictures in a phone book or other publication.

If you read the last article about the moving company U-Save Moving and Storage then you know that they are a great moving company.

But they are even better than you might remember because they also have another daughter moving company in Grand Rapids. You might say that they are U-Save Moving and Storage of Grand Rapids.

u-save moving and storage of Grand RapidsThese guys are heavily into marketing their business by every channel they possibly can think of.

They are using YellowBook, Craigslist, Commercials (which I will write about a little later on how you can do this for less than $100), Postcards, Articles and whatever they can think of.

They are truly an out of the box marketing juggernaut. Even we can learn a thing or two from them.

BY doing this they have become the premier Grand Rapids Movers that nobody can match.

You can see more of them here at

Click here to go back to home page.




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Marketing a Moving Company

Contact U-Save Moving and Storage for your local, interstate, residential or commercial move now!

U-Save Moving can come in, do the complete move of your belongings or do as little as loading/unload your rental truck or trailer.

Your personal possessions are at stake and we understand the responsibility that comes with it, that’s why we treat every moving project with the same great customer service and attention to detail from start to finish.

Your move will include:

• Disassembly of necessary items.
• Blanket wrapping of all the items.
• The loading of all items to the truck.
• The placement of your items in the rooms of your choice.
• Reassembly of items that we disassembled.
• Packing can be done at an extra charge, talk to your estimator about further details.
• No surprise pricing – 100% guaranteed.

Operating locally, we use our knowledge and experience to make sure you have a happy and efficient move. All our movers are experienced professionals ready to help with any special requirements that you may have.

We service the entire local Mid-Michigan region including Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor and flint areas as well as all the cities and towns in between.

Call U-Save Moving and Storage right now at 517-580-4247 and book your next move.

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